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New Electric Forklift Truck E12 - E16

New Electric Forklift Truck E12 - E16

New Electric Forklift Truck E12 - E16

Year of Manufacturing: NEW

We have a large variety of Electric Forklift Trucks. Please use our enquiry form to let us know of what you need and we'll be happy to assist you.
Below are the technical specs for the Electric Forklift E12 / E16:
Efficient and comfortable - universal adaptability
These compact three-wheeled configuration trucks have turntable steering axles and are ideal for rapid and flexible use in warehouse storage activities, loading bays, assembly areas and transfer duties.
Models E12 and E15 use robust and cost-effective 24-volt technology, while the E16 uses a more powerful 48-volt-system.
Take a hard cold look at the benefits!
Comparing costs requires the consideration of both investment and operational costs:

    Due to the outstanding ergonomics and their excellent capability Linde forklift trucks enable the operator to achieve a higher work throughput.
    This effectively reduces personnel and operational costs and optimises efficiency levels.
    The unrivalled quality-standard of Linde equipment increases reliability, reduces service and associated costs, minimizes down-time and eventually results in a higher residual value.

Designed to deliver high productivity
The unique ergonomics incorporating a central control lever for all hydraulic functions and the Linde twin accelerator pedal system, provide fatigue free operation and a stress free environment for the operator, to enable consistently high levels of performance and efficiency.

    Rapid acceleration with smooth, LindeDigitalControl, plus excellent manoeuvrability characteristics, ensure fast load handling cycle times.
    Safe handling of the load with excellent panoramic view due to optimized mast profiles, smooth, effective braking and inherent stability.


Man and machine in harmony

    Hydrostatic power steering, Linde twin accelerator pedal system and central finger-tip control lever, ensure effortless, stress free working.
    The intuitive handling without having to change steering wheel posture or alter the positioning of the feet enables the operator to maintain high efficiency levels.
    The operator has precision control over all functions of the mast via the central control levers.
    This optimized and refined system enables the operator to fully focus on the task in hand, increasing productivity, safely.

Turning on the spot

    The compact chassis design and the short length to fork face in combination with the three wheeled configuration enable the E12-E16 to perform in very confined places with high turnaround efficiency.

Safety enhances performance

    The outstanding ergonomics of the Linde forklift enables the operator to fully focus on the task in hand without distractions.
    Three independent braking systems plus hydraulic power steering ensure precision control.
    The turntable steer axle with close coupled twin wheels ensure stable, high performance operation.
    The innovative concept of the mast provides good all round visibility for the operator.

Continuity assured

    Due to the hinged battery cover, changing or checking the battery is a simple matter.
    The energy saving LindeDigitalControl and the recovery of energy via the electric braking, result in more work cycles per battery charge.

Linde is a reliable service partner

    Rapid response times and short travel distances due to a local service network that covers all regions.
    A software based diagnostic system and skilled service technicians especially trained on electric forklifts offer premium service and maintenance.
    Good accessibility to all key components minimises down-time.
    The electric braking minimises use of the conventional brakes for lower maintenance costs and results in more up-time.

Linde-quality for precision, reliability and durability

    The Finite Element design method ensures optimum structural integrity and stability.
    The chassis protects key components from environmental influences and damage.
    The encapsulated steering and driving control is protected from dust and moisture ingress.

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