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With many years of experience Demetriades Handling UK in forklift parts and forklift truck's spares attachments for all makes and models.

With major brands like Hyster, Samuk, Still, Nissan and Linde just a few of the brand we work with, we make it super-simple information to search for you to find genuine parts for even the most peculiar of forklifts!



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Forklift Parts Brakes & Accessories

Forklift Parts General view of our range of brake parts • Brake kits • Brake pins • General view of our range of brake linings • Brake rivettes • Brake assembly • Wheel cylinders • Wheel cylinder pin types • Master cylinders • General view of our range of master – and wheel cylinder kits • General view of our range of clevises and push rods • Bleeder screws • Brake fluid reservoirs • Caps for reservoirs • Fittings • General view of our range of brake parts • Lever brake shoes • Brake push rods • Brake pins • Brake pin washers • General view of our range of brake adjusters • Brake adjusters • Hand brake levers • Brake drums • Brake lines • Fittings for brake lines • General view of our range of air brake parts • Handbrake lock kit • Brake part accessories • Used Forklifts & Forklift spare parts


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Used Forklifts Essex Forklift Parts

Used forklifts Essex a comprehensive range of quality new and reconditioned forklifts for sale & warehouse equipment.

We supply forklift parts spares, maintenance & service for all forklift makes and models.


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