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Different Forklifts And Their Uses

Forklifts are important trucks used to transport heavy loads in warehouses and other facilities. These trucks, however, exist in different styles and types each of which is best suited to a particular environment. Continue reading to know which one will meet your needs. 

1. Counterbalance forklifts

These are the most popular types of forklifts in the material handling industry. There are more commonly used indoors, but could also be used outdoors provided the surfaces are stable and even. These type of forklifts feature dual forks in front of the truck, offering straightforward operation such as transporting heavy loads.

2. Rough terrain forklifts

As the name implies, this type of forklifts is suited for outdoor operations with rough terrain. They have special tires which are generally larger and threaded permitting them to navigate on uneven ground. Rough terrain forklifts also have very powerful engines allowing them to transport heavier loads, at higher speeds and across rugged terrain.

3. Side loader Forklifts
This types of forklifts have their forks on the side, making them ideally suited to operating in narrow aisles. They are commonly used to transport longer loads like timber and pipes. There are two main types of side loader forklifts, namely; the enclosed cab (which are commonly used outdoors) and the Stand-up version (which is used indoors).

4. Telescopic handler forklifts
They are also known as reach forklifts. They have a single telescopic boom and an extendable arm, making it possible to operate as a forklift and a crane. They are commonly used in agriculture as well as other industries requiring high lifting.

5. Pedestrian operated pallet trucks
These are the most popular types of forklifts in warehouse and storage facilities. They are commonly used to transport pallets by positioning the forks under them and using the manual hydraulic jack to raise them from the ground. They help transport loads from one place to another at ground level.

All these forklifts have an important role to play in various material handling industries. Get in touch with us if you want to know more about the different forklifts and their various uses.



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