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Top Tips For Getting Your Forklift License

Forklifts are powered trucks which play a very important role in the material handling industry. For some years now, the number of people looking for jobs in this industry has been increasing and so if you wish to stand from the competition then you must start by getting a forklift license. It is really important to go for training and obtain a forklift license before operating a forklift because these trucks can become really dangerous in the hands of incompetent people. The following tips for getting your forklift license will help you start your journey.

1. Know the forklift you will be operating 

Before you start training for your forklift license, it is important for you to know the forklift you will be operating. There are different types of forklifts and different forklift certifications as well. The different forklift classifications are determined by the type of fuel they use and their various purposes. If you already have an employer, then try to find out what forklift you will be expected to operate. If you are not yet employed, then choose a course that will make you eligible to operate your forklift of choice. You could consider a certification for the counterbalance forklift truck because it is the most commonly used.

2. Study hard for the written test

Once you have chosen the certification that matches the forklift you wish to operate and taken the classroom segment of your course, you will be expected to take a written test. Before you take the test, it is important for you to study and know the right forklift rules, regulations, safety standards and driving techniques. You should also know what the passing grade for your course is.

  1. 3. The practical portion of the training
  2. When choosing a course, make sure it has a practical section in which you will be able to operate the truck under the supervision of a professional trainer. This process is important because your practical skills will be tested as well. You will be expected to know how to smoothly operate a forklift, load various items and do some tight manoeuvring.


Getting your forklift license is certainly the start of a great career as it will give you the chance to land better jobs. Get in touch with us for more information.


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