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How to Become a Forklift Driver

It is difficult to ignore how important forklift drivers are to the proper functioning of many sectors like manufacturing, construction or warehousing. Forklift drivers operate forklift trucks and other material handling equipment like clamp trucks to stack and move heavy objects from one place to another. They are also responsible for storing materials or products and preparing them for the next stage of production- be it by transporting them to another packing department or to another vehicle.

So, how do you become a forklift driver? Driving a forklift truck is obviously not as easy as driving a normal car. That is why you will generally need a license from a certified forklift training which is accredited by bodies like ITTSAR, RTITB, ALLMI, AITT, etc. This is one of the most important requirements needed for you get employed. This training also ensures that you are qualified to drive a forklift safely and efficiently. Employers like applicants to have a license from a recognised training institute, since driving a forklift comes with some potential dangers, especially when in the hands of someone who is not qualified. In addition to this, employers also find it more cost-effective to hire someone who has already gone through a training program since they won't have to train them on their own. Getting licenced will, therefore, significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Besides getting licenced, there are some skills which are very important in order to drive a forklift; whether you just got your license or you are an experienced driver. One important skill you will need is concentration. This might be a simple skill for some people, but if you are easily distracted when working on a task, then you might want to think again about becoming a forklift driver or really try to work on this skill. This is can be a dangerous career for people who are easily distracted because of the high risks of accidents.

Another skill to develop if you want to become a forklift driver is discipline. This is very important if you are working in an environment renowned for being hazardous or having high injury and accident rates. You might have to follow a strict health and safety policy in order to keep yourself and others safe, for example; constantly inspecting your truck before use, respecting speed limits, staying in designated forklift zones etc.

These are some important tips to follow in order to have a successful career as a forklift driver.

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