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The Linde forklift H25 – H35 IC trucks ensure effective load handling with their hydrostatic direct drive and high-torque engines. Together with the Linde Load Control lift mast control system, this significantly increases operating performance. This trucks really prove themselves in intensive, continuous use, as many of their components require no servicing at all, hugely reducing downtime. The operator benefits from the fact that the mast and drive axle are decoupled from the driver's cab, so only minimal vibrations and shocks are felt.

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The Linde Protector Frame principle is based on a robust cab roof in conjunction with a frame that forms a secure cell for the operator. The good visibility afforded by the slim lifting mast also contributes to the operator's safety. What's more, the impressive lifting capacity at height, the truck's low-lying centre of gravity, and the quiet engine all bring additional safety to the operator's day-to-day work, while Linde Curve Assist mitigates the risk of accidents by reducing speed when cornering. Linde Protector Frame Linde Load Control Good all-round visibility Impressive lifting capacity Low centre of gravity truck Control redundancy


The large operator's cab and the sophisticated, ergonomic operating concept of the H25 – H35 IC truck make a tangible difference to day-to-day work. The operator has an overview of all panels at a glance and can reach all control elements with little effort, while also benefiting from a suspension seat, good all-round visibility and smooth steering. Linde Load Control system also plays an important role in ensuring healthy working practices, putting control of all lift mast functions at the operator's fingertips. The mast and drive axle are decoupled from the chassis and operator's cab by rubber bearings, meaning only a minimum of vibrations are felt by the operator, allowing them to work fatigue-free for longer. Large operator's cab Ergonomic seat design Reduced travel surface vibrations Exceptional all-round visibility Smooth and precise steering Low operating noise


High performance, high torque, and millimetre-precise handling – three factors that the Linde H25 – H35 IC trucks combine to guarantee exceptional operational performance. The trucks carry out their duties quickly and smoothly, thanks to modern diesel, propellant gas, and natural gas engines, the Linde hydrostatic direct drive, and the Linde Load Control lift mast control joysticks. Cost-effective engine technology Hydrostatic drive for smooth, precise movement Millimetre-precise, safe load handling thanks to Linde Load Control Variable replacement pump for additional hydraulic functions


The Linde H25 – H35 IC trucks impress due to low service costs and long maintenance intervals. For example, the engine oil only needs to be changed after 1000 operating hours, with the first drive belt replacement only required after 3000 hours. An innovative filter system means that the first hydraulic oil change is only necessary after 6000 operating hours. Several components, such as the drive axles, and the mast and tilt cylinder bearings require no servicing at all, while a new variable replacement pump is used in the lifting hydraulic system. The truck requires fewer engine revolutions to achieve maximum lifting speed, reducing fuel consumption and minimising wear. Short downtime Long maintenance intervals Maintenance-free movement parts Reduced auxiliary costs


Technical Data

ModelLoad capacity/LoadLoad centre distanceTravel speed, with/without load
H25/600 CNG 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H25/600D (3A) 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H25/600D (3B) 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H25/600D (3A) Beverage 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H25/600D (3B) Beverage 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H25/600T 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H25/600T Beverage 2.5 (t) 600 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H30 CNG 3.0 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H30D (3A) 3.0 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H30D (3B) 3.0 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H30D (3A) Beverage 3.0 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H30D (3B) Beverage 3.0 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H30T 3.0 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H30T Beverage 3.0 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H35D (3A) 3.5 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H35D (3B) 3.5 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H35D (3A) Beverage 3.5 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H35D (3B) Beverage 3.5 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
H35T Beverage 3.5 (t) 500 (mm) 22 / 22 (km/h)
Linde Forklifts

New Linde Trucks



For anyone who wants to get an electric Linde forklift, our range of new Linde E-trucks is just what you need. It’s always very useful for you to have an E-truck around, as they can be capable of handling whopping loads as large as 8000kg. Using an E-truck, you can get more done with less. This will ensure that you can utilise a powerful and effective movement option, helping you to easily control the load and the speed at which the load is handled.

This is a great energy saving solution when you want to spend less and get more for your money. If you want to make sure you can enjoy maximum return on your investment, use your E-trucks for simple, safer, methodical movement.


For anyone who is in need of a new IC-Tuck, our new Linde IC-Trucks make a fine solution. These are top quality transports that can make moving even the most strenuous and challenging of loads a simple, stress-free solution. They are cost-effective solutions that allow you to move things around and enjoy a secure, simple competitive advantage over your competition.

They allow you to handle your loads with ease, giving you a high-end solution powered by the inclusion of a hydrostatic drive. Now, even the heaviest trucks and the most intense of loads can be moved with the miniscule precision that you need.

So, why not give yourself a truck that you know can get the job done without having to worry about manoeuvrability?

Pallet Trucks

With the help of one of our new Linde pallet trucks, you can get more done with less. Utilising one of these trucks, you can ensure that items are moved around with total ease. They give you great quality load capacities as high as 3,300kg. Top quality models that allow for such easy use of pallets can really help your company to save time, money, and stress in equal measure.

So, why not take a look at our pallet trucks today? You would be shocked at what you can pick up for your business. Each model is a sleek, modern, refreshing option that will vastly improve how your business works. So, why not make things quicker and smoother starting today?

Pallet Stackers

When you need a pallet stacker, our new Linde pallet stackers make a brilliant choice. These counterbalanced trucks are brilliant for making sure you can handle, stack, and move around pallets without a single issue. They are the best solution for you when you want to automate the pallet stacking process. Versatile and easy to move around the place, these pallet stackers make a lot of sense for those who want to utilise solid, secure moving options.

You have no reason to make pallet stacking any harder than it is today. These are great, low profile solutions that help you to move things around using ISO standard forks for the best performance. So, why not make stacking a bit easier than it appears to be today?

Narrow Trucks

When you need to fit a truck into a tight and narrow spot, it always pays to utilise the best quality of product. With the help of one our narrow trucks, you can ensure that the product is able to load into place with ease. Narrow spots can be hard to get into, but all of our narrow trucks allow you to get a truck into a location where normally you would have no such problem.

These are great for moving into narrow and tight spots, even when they are utilising their maximum load. This allows for an easier and less stressful experience overall. Not only that, but it will give you access to suitable camera and access systems for further ease-of-use.

Narrow trucks are the most effective solution to help you solve the problem you are dealing with. When you are trying to work within a tight spot, use one our narrow trucks from Linde to ensure it’s done correctly and safely.

Reach Trucks

Avoiding having to take risks when it comes to reaching for things is so important in any workplace. for those who want to help manage the loading and managing of their logistics, you need a safe reach truck. Pick this up and you can soon enjoy the safest, simplest experience possible when it comes to building a safe, sound, and secure in the workplace.

Pick up a reach truck and you can ensure that everything goes into place where it is supposed to, time and time again. If you want a helping hand in making things move quickly and easily as you work, then this is just what you need to ensure safer, simpler movement across large heights and into narrow, challenging locations.

Order Picker

Order picking can be a challenge when you are not sure about what you need to get done. With the help of a new Linde order picker, you can do more with less. These help you to speed up the order picking process, ensuring that you can get more done with a fraction of what you would have normally expected.

They are capable of dealing with a lot of load weight due to their impressive lift motors, reaching as high 2.2kW in power. This allows for you to easily move things around and get orders done without slips, without time being wasted, and without any loss of efficiency. Keep your order picking faster, safer, and simpler with the correct technology! Why not make sure you can get your orders picked easier and without any stress? With our new order pickers, that is the easiest place to start.

Tow Tractors

Getting a tow tractor can be just the tool that you need when you are looking for something smart, smooth, and professional. Good quality tow tractors are just what you need when you are on the lookout for a safe model that can handle speeds of up to 6km/hour.

They are useful for making sure you can get more done when it comes to transporting items around. These tow tractors are strong, sturdy, and flexible machines that you can put to good work and ensure the job dis done to the best possible standard. If you want to keep things moving along quickly and smoothly, make sure you invest in high quality tow tractors to help you to speed-up the process.

Towing can be a tough process, so why not make it a bit easier on yourself with the help of a tow tractor? When used correctly, they can make a massive difference.

Automated Trucks

Utilising automated trucks makes a lot of sense when you want to make things move quicker and smoother. With the help of our new automated Linde trucks, you can pick up top quality solutions to help you move things along quicker and easier than ever before. It’s a top quality model for giving you access to up to 3000kg of power, ensuring you can get the most out of your trucks.

They are great for use along or as part of a fully automated fleet. Put them to good work and watch the results come in time and time again here!

With automated trucks, you can make the often confusing and complex tasks of the day a whole lot simpler to put into place.

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