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Material Handling Machines: What's the Best One for You

Many industries involve the transport and storage of large and heavy materials which can cause overexertion often leading to accidents. That is where material handling machines come in.

The term "material handling machines" is a very broad one as they are a good number of scenarios in which large and heavy materials need to be moved from one point to another. That is why they are so instrumental in the proper functioning of a lot of industries today. These machines are often used to load, store, transport and unload materials. And so, any equipment with the potential to carry out this function could be labelled "material handling machine".

Considering the above definition, you will probably understand that there so many machines which can be called material handling machines, from tools and storage units to vehicles. Therefore if you are wondering which machine is best suited for your needs, it is important for you to know how they are classified. 

Each group consists of a number of machines which make the transport of large and heavy materials easier. Choosing the right one for your needs can be a game changer.
There are 4 major categories of material handling equipment;

1. Engineered systems
2. Bulk material handling
3. Industrial trucks
4. Storage and handling equipment

Engineered systems
This is a type of material handling equipment that consists of automated units working together to enable the storage and transportation of materials. An ‘Automated Storage and Retrieval System’ is a popular example of an engineered system. This equipment can be utilized by the operator to manually select the materials needed or the whole system could be computerised. Other examples of engineered systems include:

- Automated guided vehicles; these are mobile robots designed to follow markers on the floor to transport materials in a warehouse or other facilities.

  • - Robotic delivery systems; ideally suited for transporting materials on an assembly line, throughout a plant or within a warehouse.
  1. Bulk handling material equipment
    This type of equipment is used to move large volumes of materials in bulk or lose form. They are often used in the handling of beverages, food, metal items, liquids etc. Some examples include:
  • - Stackers; Used to lift and stack heavy materials in a warehouse. Similar to forklifts.
  • - Grain elevators; used for the storage and transport of grain or similar materials through a pathway.
  • - Silos; used for the storage of grain and other materials like woodchips, coal and sawdust.
  1. Industrial trucks
    Industrial trucks, for example, forklifts are used to transport large items from one place to another. They are also used to load/unload heavy materials onto trucks. Examples include:
  • - Hand trucks; also called box cart. They are I-shaped carts with handles at one end, wheels at the base and a ledge for the item to transport.
  • - Pallet jacks; used to lift and move pallets in a warehouse.
  1. Storage and handling equipment
    This type of equipment is used to hold materials while they wait to be moved to another area or are not being used. Having the right storage equipment can maximise space utilisation and improve efficiency. Examples include:
  • - Mezzanines; elevated floor systems which are set in between the production floor and the ceiling so as to provide extra space
  • - Pallet trucks

- Stackers

Demetriades Handling offers material handling machines and accessories for all types of industrial and commercial application. We have a full range of equipment to suit your unique needs. Get in touch if you’re in the market for a material handling machine and we’ll help you find the perfect one for you.



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