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Most Common Forklift Questions

If you are in the material handling industry or you are working in a warehouse, chances are you will need a forklift to run a number of daily operations. As it might already be the case for you when buying anything, especially if you don't know much about it, you probably tend to ask a couple of questions so as to make the right choice. This should also be the case before you buy a machine as complex as a forklift. Asking the right questions before, during and after the purchase is crucial to maximising safety and return on investment. It is for that reason that we have drafted answers to the most common forklift questions.

1. Where is it going to be used?
Are you planning to use your forklift indoor, outdoor or both? Answering this question is important before you purchase your forklift. If you plan to use your forklift outdoor, for example, then you might want to go for a forklift with an enclosed cabin, on the other hand, a forklift with an open cabin will be more suited for indoor purposes because you will have better visibility. Also, if you were planning to go for an electric forklift, then it is worth noting that they are commonly used indoor, even though more recent models can be used both outdoor and indoor.

2. How high do you need to lift?
This is another question you need to ask yourself before completing the deal. A simple way to know this is by measuring the highest package so as to figure out your required fork height. If you intend to carry high packages, then you might want to go for a counterbalance truck. You should also consider the obstacles you may need to lift over when positioning your packages.

3. Which forklift is the cheapest?
When it comes to the overall cost, electric forklifts are cheaper than the internal combustion models. This is so because they have fewer parts and so they have lower maintenance requirements. They also use electricity as a source of energy, which is cheaper than gas or diesel.
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