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Forklift Training Novice Course

Novice Course

Forklift Novice Course

This course is designed for the forklift operator who has no or very little practical experience and has no formal training and does not hold a licence.

Course Structure

Operator safety code

Day 1

    Theory lesson Health & Safety, employers & employee’s liabilities
    Introduction to lift trucks
    Safety video
    Elementary driving
    Battery care and refuelling

Day 2

    Daily inspection pre-use check
    Continue practical elementary driving
    Safe working loads and assessment
    Lift truck stability
    Hydraulic systems
    Correct operating procedures

Day 3

    Continue practical training
    Handling laden and unladen pallets

Day 4

    Continue practical training
    Review and pre-testing

Day 5

    Practical test
    Theory test
    Course summary

On completion of the training course the trainee will be able to:

    Carry out a Daily inspection pre-use check and understand the importance of such checks
    Operate the forklift truck within the safety limits defined by the manufacturer
    Stack and de-stack from various heights with various loads
    Safely manoeuvre a laden forklift truck in a narrow confined area

Maximum number of trainees per course = 3. Duration of five days is needed for this course depending on number of trainees per course

Conditions of Booking

Bookings: We will accept telephone bookings, but written or e-mail confirmation is required. Corporate Accounts most welcome.

Payment Terms: Cleared Funds seven days prior to the commencement of the training course.


    Cancellations received by us in less than 7 working days will be subject to a cancellation fee
    If our instructors attend your site and are turned away due to lack of facilities/operatives payment will be required in full

Courses on your Premises: By confirming a booking you are authorising our instructors to use any mechanical handling equipment for training purposes only

You must also ensure that, for the duration of the course:

    A training area (35 feet x 25 feet approx.) is set aside from the main work area and is free of obstacles.
    Your trainees are always available.
    Your truck is in a safe and fully working condition.
    A room is made available for classroom training purposes and suitably equipped (pens, pencils, paper etc.).
    A supply of empty pallets and various loads are available.


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