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Starter Motor fits Linde

linde starter motor
Family:391-01 Type:H14/16/18/20

Family:392-01 Type:H20/25

Family:393-01 Type:H25/30/35

Family:394-01 Type:H40/45/50

Starter type Direct drive
Type of head P
Voltage (V) 12
Neck diameter D1 (mm) 76
Pinion Ø D2 (mm) 27.6
Number of teeth 10
Direction of rotation of the pinion CCW
Overall length of the starter L (mm) 257
Distance between pinion and flange L2 (mm) 62
Distance drive cover (mm) 65.5
Number of holes 2
Position of fixation 55-25-00
Position of centers 111
Oil sealed yes/no NO

If unsure, please contact us and we will cross-reference the part with your truck to make sure we offer you the correct part.

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